Human Resources and Mobility

HR specialists and external HR experts will jointly work on improvement of HR policies including career development, open recruitment and talent management in health research & innovation field. They will identify barriers and peculiarities of implementation of Charter & Code for Researchers and Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) and of adoption of policies connected with the logo of HR Excellence in Research. Work-life balance and challenging sex/gender issues in research and health care sectors, obstacles and peculiarities of researchers´ mobility in participating institutions from point of view of both foreign incoming researchers and national reintegrated researchers, career pathways in health research & innovation, attracting talents and preventing brain drain are some of the important topics discussed within this Focus Group.

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

  • HR Logo implementation
  • Career development/system and career track
  • Mobility, internships
  • Strengthening of group leaders as managers
  • Recruitment – increase of both quantity and quality of applicants
  • Internationalization, recruitment of people from abroad
  • Welcome services and integration support
  • Diversity, equal opportunities, women in science
  • Culture in science, culture of the institute as HR tool

Focus Group Members

Focus Group Chair: 

Eliška Handlířová - Masaryk University/CEITEC;

Members of the Focus Group:

Sylvie Pospíšilová - Masaryk University;

Martin Vašek - St. Anne's University Hospital Brno/ ICRC;

Alena Tresová - St. Anne's University Hospital Brno/ ICRC;

Ján Gálik - Biomedical Research Center SAS;

Marián Grman - Biomedical Research Center SAS;

Miroslav Chovanec - Biomedical Research Center SAS;

Aneta Andrejczyk - Medical University of Lodz;

Wojciech Kuczynski - Medical University of Lodz;

Agnieszka Komorowska-Michałek - Medical University of Lodz;

Nada Čikeš - School of Medicine - University of Zagreb;

Goran Šimić - School of Medicine - University of Zagreb;

Kristi Kuningas - University of Tartu;

Vida Lapinskaitė - Vilnius University - Faculty of Medicine;

Osvaldas Rukšėnas - Vilnius University - Faculty of Medicine;

Jánis Veliks - Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis;

Tomaž Marš - University of Ljubljana;

Péter Matlák - Semmelweis University;