Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. Fostering innovation culture:

The working group members are aware that technology transfer is rather a new concept at their institutes and therefore not fully expoited. The researchers are not motivated to engage in TT, some institute do not prioritize technology transfer within their strategies and it is often not a part of the evaluation. The working group would like to jointly define strategies and concrete methods that would result in innovation culture.

  • Strategy – some institutes recently adopted technology transfer strategy and some are considering it. We would like to jointly monitor the progress and challenges and adopt lessons learnt;
  • Evaluation – including technology transfer metrics into the evaluation of scientists;
  • Support – what specific support can be provided to the scientist to increase his/her engagement in technology transfer; and
  • Motivation – how to motivate scientist to talk share their early stage inventions with the technology transfer staff and to be open for research collaborations.

2. Processes:

Various institutes are using different approaches towards the technology transfer process. These are often not effective and not transparent as perceived by the scientists involved in the working group.

  • Transparency – how to increase the transparency of the technology transfer process; and
  • Efficiency – how to increase the efficiency of the process.

3. Training opportunities:

Identifying the needs for spefic training e.g. scouting practices, motivating researchers, and learning by example (spending short periods in established TTOs) or engaging recognized TT practitioners for one day workshops.

  • Trainings by technology transfer experts; and
  • Trainings by working groups members.

4. Information sharing:

Establishing a shared space (Google drive) and regularly uploading potentially useful information related to technology transfer.

  • Events;
  • Funding opportunities; and
  • Best practices.

Focus Group Members 

Focus Group Chair: 

Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė

Focus Group Co-chair: 

Aigars Jirgensons

Members of the Focus Group: ​

Richard Imrich
Bartlomiej Grobelski
Smiljka Vikić-Topić
Kristel Reim
Matej Podbregar
Róbert Bakó

Agnieszka Rzeźnik
Daniela Tršová
Kateřina Ornerová
Gabriella Sódar
Alan Kacin
Dávid Melichar