The PR managers and science communication specialists will discuss, share, and disseminate strategies how to address general public, press, students, or other specific audiences, how to organize events or how to guide researchers to present their research and transmit their knowledge to non-specialists. Learning how to demonstrate the practical impact of research to the general public is considered critical in order to achieve long-term support to the scientific endeavours in partner institutions and their home countries.

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. International visibility:

  • Attracting international media and issue press releases;
  • Engaging scientists in international visibility; and
  • Twitter as the dominant international medium.

2. Engaging scientists in science communication:

  • Engaging scientists to provide content for communications and events; and
  • Building cooperation and relationships with scientist.

3. Open science and communication with general public:

  • Open science;
  • Citizen science;
  • Communication with general public and stakeholders;
  • Presenting difficult topics attractively, clearly and accurately;
  • Engaging different target groups and creating content; and
  • Increasing basic research presence in media.

4. Social media:

  • Tailoring content for different social media and target audiences; and
  • Encouraging scientists to present themselves on social media.

Focus Group Members 

Focus Group Chair: 

Ester Jarour

Members of the Focus Group: 

Jozef Ukropec
Ján Sedlák
Joanna Orlowska
Srećko Gajović
Tea Vukušić Rukavina
Žemartas Budrys
Vida Lapinskaitė
Elīna Erdmane
Jill Batdorf
Žiedūnė Kiznytė
Anna Petschner
Nejc Umek
Jiří Erlebach

Teele Eensaar