Alliance4Life Benchmarking Presented at the IMR 2019 Conference in Brno, Czech Republic

Alliance4Life’s experience with international benchmarking as an analytical tool for the quality assessment of research institutions was presented as a good practice at the Institutional Management in Research 2019 conference. Alliance4Life Coordinator, Zlatuše Novotná, and the Chair of the FG-Science Evaluation, Nikola Kostlánová, introduced the goals and activities of the Alliance4Life, and provided an overview of interesting outcomes of international benchmarking, amongst both Alliance4Life members, and advanced EU institutions. The suggestion to create a standardised set of benchmarking indicators in the EU was presented as well. The conference was organised at CEITEC MU in Brno for an expert audience of Czech universities´ management on 15th May 2019. The Alliance4Life was also represented by the Director of CEITEC MU, Jiří Nantl, and the Director of BMC SAS, Silvia Pastoreková, both of whom took part in the panel discussion.