Your Voice Matters: Sign the Petition to Secure Funding for the ERC

Alliance4Life has been listed among the notable supporters of the Friends of the ERC initiative, which, in an open letter, calls upon the EU Presidents, European Commission, Parliament, and Council to secure funding for the ERC in the new EU budget. The European Research Council (ERC) became a formula for independence from political interventions, bold research ideas, a bottom-up approach, and singular focus on excellence. Considering the current European debate on the next long-term EU budget, European researchers and academic leaders fear a budget cut for research, which would also affect the ERC.

Additionally, the voice and signatures of individual researchers and research managers from Central and Eastern Europe are needed. You can support the initiative by signing the petition HERE. Please spread the word to your colleagues and make sure to sign the petition and put a Like on Twitter and/or retweet it HERE. Further information is also available HERE.

Supporting the petition was a natural decision of the Alliance4Life´s Board. It is in line with the strategy of fostering and promoting excellent scientific research across the entire European Union. This strategy was formulated in the Statement by Alliance4Life on Proposal for Horizon Europe: "We note that the ERC grant system and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions are fundamental to fostering research excellence. In Central and Eastern European Member States, outcomes of these schemes also provide an important and independent benchmark, not only for individual, but also institutional performance in terms of top talents’ attraction, support, and retention. Therefore, Alliance4Life supports the recommendations to expand these schemes that are necessary for enabling and promoting leadership in scientific research."