Travel Grants

Travel grants aim to boost the cooperation of researchers from Alliance4Life partner organisations by means of mutual participation in scientific events. They provide the opportunity to gain new knowledge, establish personal contacts, find prospective students and future scientific supervisors, etc.


All researchers employed by Alliance4Life members.

Conditions and list of events:​

  • Travel grants are not paid before the events, they cover reimbursement costs.
  • The official registration fee can be reduced as a benefit given to Alliance4Life participants. The fees valid for Alliance4Life participants are provided in the table of events.
  • To see the list of events, click HERE. The list will be updated and new events added based on the offer of Alliance4Life partners in future.

Application process:

  1. Choose the event you are interested in attending.
  2. Request the travel grant by sending an email with the name of your chosen event to Terezie Schönova (
  3. Wait for the confirmation about the travel grant.
  4. Register for the event and tell the organiser that you are participating in the Alliance4Life travel grant, in order to obtain a possible discount on the registration fee (if needed).
  5. Send the registration confirmation to Terezie, who will help you to conclude the travel grant's contract.
  6. After the event, send your flight/bus ticket to Terezie for reimbursement, along with the Business trip report (DOWNLOAD HERE).

The deadline for registration depends on the event; applications are accepted continuously until the allocated budget is spent.

Alliance4Life travel grants cover two types of costs only:

  1. Travel costs: 
    • costs associated with transport to the event location and back to the address of the applicant or his/her place of work,
    • public transport (bus, train, or airplane) in economy class only, and where possible, taking the most direct route with regard to the 3E rules,
    • transport costs, from the hotel to the event are not to be covered (these are paid from per diem, see below).
  2. Per diem:
    • subsistence costs, covering accommodation, meals and travel costs at the location of the event,
    • the total amount corresponds to the rates stipulated by the European directive determined for the country where the event takes place (SEE RATES HERE), and to the number of hours spent there.