Core Facilities and Big Data

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. Benchmarking: to suggest best practices in the following:

  • Evaluation of Core Facilities (internal, external);
  • Quality assurance;
  • Structured self-assessment; and
  • Reporting of CF performance.

2. Best practice sharing: 

  • Share our experiences and identify and analyze present practices of operating Core Facilities (CF) at our institutions;
  • Develop and suggest implementation of best practice at our institutions;
  • Create a document containing suggestions for best operation of CF to be distributed to interested research institutions and government bodies; and
  • Use CF for training and education among our institutions.

3. Financial sustainability: to analyze current practice and suggest the best models for the following:

  • Public aid;
  • Financial support;
  • Level of support from local government/institution;
  • Service contracts;
  • Sustainability of core facilities; and
  • Ways of getting funds.

4. Access rules and fees (open access): to discuss and identify the optimal approach for the following:

  • Price calculation;
  • Open access; and
  • Definition of access rules to CF.

5. Database of equipment: to exchange information of the following:

  • Existing instrumentation; and
  • Share plans for future purchases (possible cooperation in tendering – approval from Strategy Board necessary).

6. Big data: to analyze the following:

  • Data Management Plan (including Metadata schemas); and
  • Big Data experience (sharing – training).

Focus Group Members

Focus Group Chair: 

Petra Balga

Focus Group Co-chair: 

Osvalds Pugovičs

Members of the Focus Group: 

Michal Janota
Ivana Sekaninová
Juraj Kopáček
Boris Klempa
Maria Cichalewska-Studzińska
Filip Sedlić
Siniša Škokić
Ramūnas Grigonis
Aurelija Gefenienė
Jernej Jorgačevski
Martina Perše
Vilmos Tóth Kardos
Zsolt Kohus
Zoltan Varga
Georgi Gensuzov
Marin Mladenov
Mario Kirilov
Elena Poenaru

Mihai Burlibasa
Cristina Petcu