Core Facilities and Big Data

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. Benchmarking: to suggest best practices in the following:

  • Evaluation of Core Facilities (internal, external);
  • Quality assurance;
  • Structured self-assessment; and
  • Reporting of CF performance.

2. Best practice sharing: 

  • Share our experiences and identify and analyze present practices of operating Core Facilities (CF) at our institutions;
  • Develop and suggest implementation of best practice at our institutions;
  • Create a document containing suggestions for best operation of CF to be distributed to interested research institutions and government bodies; and
  • Use CF for training and education among our institutions.

3. Financial sustainability: to analyze current practice and suggest the best models for the following:

  • Public aid;
  • Financial support;
  • Level of support from local government/institution;
  • Service contracts;
  • Sustainability of core facilities; and
  • Ways of getting funds.

4. Access rules and fees (open access): to discuss and identify the optimal approach for the following:

  • Price calculation;
  • Open access; and
  • Definition of access rules to CF.

5. Database of equipment: to exchange information of the following:

  • Existing instrumentation; and
  • Share plans for future purchases (possible cooperation in tendering – approval from Strategy Board necessary).

6. Big data: to analyze the following:

  • Data Management Plan (including Metadata schemas); and
  • Big Data experience (sharing – training).

Focus Group Members

Focus Group Chair: 

Kateřina Hošková

Focus Group Co-chair: 

Osvalds Pugovičs

Members of the Focus Group: 

Lenka Bojanovská
Ondřej Hradil
Michal Janota
Juraj Kopáček
Boris Klempa
Maria Cichalewska-Studzińska, PhD 
Filip Sedlić
Siniša Škokić
Andrius Kaselis
Jernej Jorgačevski
Martina Perše
György Balogh
Judit Jánosi
Georgi Gensuzov
Marin Mladenov
Mario Kirilov
Elena Poenaru
Mihai Burlibasa
Cristina Petcu
Dmitri Lubenets