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Welcome to the section Meetings and Events. Here you can find all important information about our past meetings and events. If you missed any of our public online events, you can watch the recording in this section. 

Achievements of the ALLIANCE4LIFE Project Showcased

20 - 22 March, 2024

The overall work of the Alliance for Life Sciences (A4Life) and the results of its EU consortium project Action” were presented in plenary sessions at the Semmelweis Salon on 20 March, and the plans for the next EU-funded “Bridge” project were also discussed at the day-long meeting.

More about the event can be found HERE

Alliance4Life members are committed to bridge the innovation gap in CEE region

18 - 19 March, 2024

Representatives of twelve Alliance4Life member institutions gathered in Brno to kick-off the new EU funded project A4L_BRIDGE. The four-year project will enable the partners to implement 16 work packages focusing on modernisation of careers in research, collaborations among partners and engagement with the industry, policy makers and patient organisations.

More about the event can be found HERE

Roundtable on Technology Transfer of Digital Health Solutions in Romania

22 February, 2024

This Trigger Event focused on the relationship between technology transfer and digital health solutions in Romania.

More about the event can be found HERE

Lodz A4L Trigger Event: Joined Forces on Improving the Social Impact of Science

21 - 22 February, 2024

A trigger event held in Lodz, Poland, brought together researchers and stakeholders from across the region to explore the power of collaboration in driving the social impact of science.

More about the event can be found HERE

TT workshop, ESR Retreat and Trigger Event

17 - 18 January, 2024

The University of Zagreb, School of Medicine organized Technology Transfer Workshop, Early Stage Researchers’ Retreat, and trigger event.

More about the event can be found HERE

A4L Trigger Event in Latvia Sparks Discussions on Shaping Future Framework Programme

16 January, 2024

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS), a key player in Latvia's scientific landscape and a proud member of the Alliance4Life (A4L) consortium initiated a discussion on scientific community's opinion in shaping the new European Union (EU) Framework Program.

The full record of the meeting can be found here:      LZA Senāta sēde 2024. gada 16. janvāris (

Alliance4Life suggests a modern approach to Widening measures

12 December, 2023 

The Alliance4Life consortium composed of 12 top-level life science institutions from 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe hosted the conference "Widening Instruments – Participants' View" at the Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU in Brussels.  

More about the event can be found HERE

Alliance4Life hosted the first conference on sustainable science in Estonia

15 November, 2023

This was the first conference focused on the environmental burden of creating scientific research itself among Estonian universities which brought together experts from all local major universities and research funders.

More about the event can be found HERE

PERSONALISED MEDICINE - thematic mini-conference with matchmaking

26-27 October, 2023

The conference and trigger event has been organized together with the yearly University Congress, celebrating together the great values of cooperation within a higher education network and increasing research and administrative capacity in an Eastern and Central European academic environment.

More about the event can be found HERE

Save the date: Alliance4Life Conference in Brussels,        12 December 2023

25 October, 2023

Join us at a half-day conference on December 12th, 2023, in the Estonian Embassy, Rue Guimard 11/13, 1040 Brussel to introduce the Alliance4Life's activities and the ongoing project results. 

More about the event can be found HERE

Alliance4Life contributed to the Science|Business Widening conference in Prague

3 October, 2023

Alliance4Life was represented at the conference “Fair access to resources: Looking to 2030 and beyond” organized by Science|Business in partnership with Charles University in Prague on 26th September 2023.

More about the event can be found HERE

CEITEC MUNI hosted the Czech-Slovak conference on strategic management in science

12 June, 2023

Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC Masaryk University hosted the first-ever Czechoslovak conference on strategic management in science from the national and institutional perspective.

More about the event can be found HERE

Three great events were organised by Medical University of Lodz

April, 2023

Mini-conference, Community meeting and Tech. transfer workshop were organised by Medical University of Lodz in April 2023.

More about the events can be found HERE.

Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event was held at MU-Sofia

20-22 April, 2023

In the period 20-22.04.2023, the Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event Sofia was held at the Medical University of Sofia as a part of the Event Calendar of the local trigger events within the framework of WP5 “Trigger Events” to the project A4L_ACTIONS.

More about the event can be found HERE.

Life sciences professionals gathered in Vilnius

23. January, 2023

Early Stage Researchers Retreat, Research Management and Administration (RMA) Academy and national trigger event titled Research assessment reform: What to expect and how will it affect us took place at Vilnius University.   

More about the events can be found HERE.

UZSM hosted the Alliance4Life Trigger Event in Zagreb

13. December, 2022

University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) hosted the first national Croatian Trigger Event within the project Alliance4Life_ACTIONS. The objectives of the event were to present proposals for new European initiatives for the reform of the science evaluation system and to present the development of the Biomedical Research Center Šalata - BIMIS, as a platform for the implementation of proposals for new European initiatives in accordance with the results of the Alliance4Life_ACTIONS project.

More about the event can be found HERE.

Semmelweis University hosted the Alliance4Life Trigger Event in Budapest

21. November 2022

The Semmelweis University in Budapest (Hungary) hosted the first national Hungarian Trigger Event within the Innovation Day of the university. The Trigger Event was organized in a form of round table focusing on the importance of cooperation among higher educational institutions, industrial partners, and decision-makers.

More about the event can be found HERE.

Thematic Mini-conference with Matchmaking Event was organized in Slovakia 

3.-5. October 2022

The conference hosted by the Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (BMC SAS) was aimed at sharing research ideas with intellectual origin in the Central and Eastern European countries and at creating opportunities for matchmaking with pharma and med-tech industry. 

More about the event can be found HERE.

RMA Academy launched in Bulgaria

12.-16. September 2022

With the first courses organized recently in Bulgaria and hosted by the Medical University of Sofia, Alliance4Life has opened its RMA academy focused on training research management professionals.

More about the event can be found HERE.

The Alliance4Life members finally met in person in Estonia

28.-30. April 2022

This long-awaited in-person Community Meeting followed a two and half long online collaboration caused by the covid-19 pandemic. The Community Meeting and Skills Academy brought together 120 scientists and research managers from 12 countries in the intellectual capital of Estonia – Tartu.

More about the event can be found HERE.

Skills Academy: From IP in the Labs to IP on the Market

29. April, 2022

Simona Rataj from the University of Ljubljana and her colleagues Katarina Šimunović and Nikolai Adamovitch delivered an online lecture about intellectual property management and how to bring scientific inventions from the laboratory to the market. 

More about the event HERE

Skills Academy: Future of Research Training Using Virtual Reality

29. April, 2022

Damjana Kastelic and Jonas Krebs from the CRG Barcelona introduced the future of research training using virtual reality.

Read more about the event HERE

Community Meeting in Tartu: 2nd Plenary Session

29. April, 2022

Julia Fernández-Rodríguez spoke about core facilities as prerequisite for breakthroughs in life sciences, Simona Rataj about importance of business cooperation and Kurt Deketelaere about LERU´s Expectations for the renewed ERA policy.

Read more about the event HERE

Community Meeting in Tartu: 1st Plenary Session

28 April, 2022

The meeting opened by a speach of the rector of the UT Toomas Asser, by the host of the event Toivo Maimets from the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology and by director of CEITEC MU Jiří Nantl. Estonian MP Margit Sutrop highlighted the importance of research itegrity and Silvia Bottaro from the EC introduced the main priorities of the Pact for R&I.

Read more about the event HERE

Early Stage Researchers Retreat: Life After PhD

20. January 2022

Moderated discussion with four guests who shared valuable insights from their fascinating career paths, including problems they had to overcome and useful career transition tips. Among the invited speakers were Radan Spaventi, Alison Campbell,Giedrius Gasiunas and Peeter Padrik. .

Read more about the event HERE.

Online Early Stage Researchers´ Retreat (Latvia)
More information about the event are HERE  and press release is available HERE , video recording from the event is HERE 

CEITEC MU, Online Kick-off Meeting (Czech Republic)
More information HERE 

Early Stage Researchers Retreat: Pitches of Industry to ESRs

20. January 2022

This session presents future career options to ESRs and and connects Alliance4Life´s members with the industry.  A variety of biotechnology companies introduced their work in short elevator pitches including possible career options for PhD graduates from the life science sector. 

Read more about the event HERE.

Early Stage Researchers Retreat: Pitches Alliance4Life Partners to Industry

20. January 2022

Technology pitches of participating Allience4Life partner institutions, who presented their core facilities, expertise and technology equipment.

Read more about the event HERE. 

Early Stage Researchers Retreat: Trends and Traps of Communication Research 

21 January 2022

This session introduced trends and traps when conducting research and communicating research results and addressed important issues such as ethics in research and medical professions. It highlighted the need for increased research rigor and need for science communication.  

Read more about the event HERE

A4L_ACTIONS Kick-off Conference

25 May 2021

The conference was opened by Chair of the Alliance4Life Jiří Nantl , followed by speeches of MEP Martina Dlabajová, Head of Unit at the EC Henriette van Eijl, Director of CEITEC Pavel Tomančák and coordinator of Alliance4Life Zlatuše Novotná introduced the new A4L_ACTIONS project. Head of Sector at the EC Stefan Weiers presented valuable information about WIDENING and ERA programmes of Horizon Europe.