Viewpoint: Researchers need Widening to offer more than just networking


"In many Widening countries, researchers lack funding to build research labs and research groups. Even when young people wish to come back to their home country, there aren’t enough career…
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Successful presentation of the Alliance4Life projects


On March 28th, in the Miroslav Čačković Hall at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM), our team presented the final results of the project "Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to…
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Invitation to apply for MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships 2024


Vilnius University invites motivated researchers with a strong track record to prepare joint applications for 2024 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships call with a deadline on…
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Alliance4Life Inspires Health Research-Industry Collaboration in CEE


When Health Research Meets Industry: Success Stories from Alliance4LifeAlliance4Life (A4L) is making significant strides in advancing Health Research and Innovation, fostering robust biotech and…
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Achievements of the ALLIANCE4LIFE Project Showcased


The overall work of the Alliance for Life Sciences (A4Life) and the results of its EU consortium project Action” were presented in plenary sessions at the Semmelweis Salon on 20 March, and the plans…
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Alliance4Life members are committed to bridge the innovation gap in CEE region


On 18th March 2024, representatives of twelve Alliance4Life member institutions gathered in Brno to kick-off the new EU funded project A4L_BRIDGE. The four-year project will enable the partners to…
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Roundtable on Technology Transfer of Digital Health Solutions in Romania - a…


The last Trigger Event has been organized by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest on 22nd February 2024. This Trigger Event focused on the relationship between technology…
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Accelerating Technology Transfer for Enhanced Health Research Results…


Alliance4Life (A4L), a consortium of twelve leading health research institutions and universities across eleven EU Member States in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), has released guidelines to foster…
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Lodz A4L Trigger Event: Joined Forces on Improving the Social Impact of Science


A trigger event held in Lodz, Poland, brought together researchers and stakeholders from across the region to explore the power of collaboration in driving the social impact of science.The "Science…
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SAVE THE DATE: Final Meeting A4L_ACTIONS, RMA Academy and Skills Academy in…


Please REGISTER by 4th March 2024.Celebrate our collective triumphs at the Final Meeting ​We are thrilled to invite you to the final meeting of Project A4L_ACTIONS to celebrate the…
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Save the date: Alliance4Life_Bridge kick-off meeting will take place in March…


Registration is closed.We're thrilled to invite you to the kick-off meeting of the Alliance4Life BRIDGE project – a collaborative initiative dedicated to advancing research and innovation in Central…
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Technology Transfer Workshop, Early Stage Researchers’ Retreat and trigger…


The Alliance4Life aims to increase the local and regional impact of Health Research and Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). To achieve this, one of the goals was to develop and conduct…
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At the Right Place and Time: A4L Trigger Event in Latvia Sparks Discussions on…


The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS), a key player in Latvia's scientific landscape and a proud member of the Alliance4Life (A4L) consortium initiated a discussion on scientific…
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The impact of ten years of EU Widening measures in data


"As 2024 begins, we assess the success of attempts to close the EU’s east-west research and innovation gap. There is progress, but a decade on, disparity persists and alongside beefed up EU measures,…
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Didactical concept for the topics relevant to research management


We are excited to present to you a transformative didactical concept aimed at addressing the most critical areas in administrative development.This innovative guide delves into the following…
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Alliance4Life suggests a modern approach to Widening measures


On December 12, 2023 the Alliance4Life consortium composed of 12 top-level life science institutions from 11 countries in Central and Eastern Europe hosted the conference "Widening Instruments –…
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A4L 2023 Academy and UL MF Pedagogical Conference


The series of lectures was opened on 20.11.2023 by Prof. Dr. Marko Robnik Šikonja from the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics of UL, who revealed the biases, obstacles…
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Alliance4Life hosted the first conference on sustainable science in Estonia


On November 15, 2023 the conference on sustainable science titled “Sustainable Science – What is the Environmental Footprint of Scientific Knowledge Creation?” was organized by the Institute of…
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Save the date: Alliance4Life Conference in Brussels, 12 December 2023


Join us at a half-day conference on December 12th, 2023, in the Estonian Embassy, Rue Guimard 11/13, 1040 Brussel to introduce the Alliance4Life's activities and the ongoing project results.The…
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PERSONALISED MEDICINE - thematic mini-conference with matchmaking


The mini-conference organized on October 26-27 in Romania and hosted by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila UMFCD in Bucharest was already the third event organized by Alliance4Life,…
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Alliance4Llife Seed Fund – 3rd call is open


Proposal SubmissionThird call for collaborative scientific projects funded from Alliance4Life's Seed Fund.The Seed Fund aims to foster scientific collaboration among Alliance4Life´s member…
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International Guest Speakers at the Shaping Culture of Research Integrity event


On 3 October, Shaping Culture of Research Integrity, an event organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University (VU), took place at the university’s Scholarly…
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Alliance4Life contributed to the Science|Business Widening conference in Prague


Alliance4Life was represented at the conference “Fair access to resources: Looking to 2030 and beyond” organized by Science|Business in partnership with Charles University in Prague on 26th…
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A4L_ACTIONS Partners Perceive the Need to Protect the Environment


Protection of the environment is one of the highest priorities for organizations, politicians, and individuals in today's world. Research laboratories in the field of life sciences significantly…
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Conclusions of the Czech-Slovak conference


The Czech-Slovak conference on strategic management in science provided an opportunity for the leaders of both countries to meet with representatives of the management of Czech and Slovak…
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Science|Business article: On the track of Widening


An article about the main conclusions of Alliance4Life´s report on Widening measures has been released by Science|Business. It covers three reports dealing with the Widening topic including…
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A4L National trigger event & Skills academy in Ljubljana


A4L National trigger event in collaboration with 1st Alpe-Adria conference of Medical Universities and Faculties7 June 2023On June 7th, 2023, Faculty of Medicine (MF) University of Ljubljana (UL)…
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CEITEC MUNI hosted the Czech-Slovak conference on strategic management in…


Central European Institute of Technology CEITEC Masaryk University hosted the first-ever Czechoslovak conference on strategic management in science from the national and institutional perspective.…
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Mini-conference, Community meeting and Tech. transfer workshop were organised…


A4L_ACTIONS Thematic Mini-conference with Matchmaking Event HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT24-26 April 2023 Health and Environment were the main subject matters of the international mini-conference…
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Policy Paper on Efficiency of Widening Measures was published


May 2023 The recently published policy paper on the Efficiency of the Widening Measures, presented by Alliance4Life, provides valuable insights and recommendations based on the experiences of…
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Invitation to A4L Skills Academy 2023 in Ljubljana


A4L Skills Academy 2023, Ljubljana, June 8-10 2023 When it comes to building capacities for being an excellent researcher, manager or co-worker of any kind, one must not forget to work on the…
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Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event was held at MU-Sofia


In the period 20-22.04.2023, the Alliance4Life Green Second Trigger Event Sofia was held at the Medical University – Sofia, part of the Event Calendar of the local trigger events within the framework…
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Seed Fund – 2nd call


Proposal Submission The second call for collaborative scientific projects funded from Alliance4life's Seed FundThe Seed Fund aims to foster scientific collaboration among…
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1st Seed Fund call of Alliance4Life was successful


Alliance4Life aims at closing the divide in European health research and innovation. To reach this goal, we created the Seed Fund which aims to support short-term collaborative research…
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Life sciences professionals gathered in Vilnius


On 23-24 January, the Early Stage Researchers Retreat brought together PhD students and postdocs from “Alliance4Life“ partner institutions to Vilnius University for a joint retreat full of…
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National Trigger Event, Early Stage Researchers´ Retreat and RMA Academy will…


This January Vilnius University will become a place for professionals from Life Sciences field to gather together.On 24 January Alliance4Life trigger event titled Research assessment reform: What to…
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University of Zagreb School of Medicine hosted the Alliance4Life Trigger Event…


On the 13th of December 2022, University of Zagreb School of Medicine (UZSM) hosted the first national Croatian Trigger Event within the project Alliance4Life_ACTIONS. The event was…
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Semmelweis University hosted the Alliance4Life Trigger Event in Budapest


On the 21st November 2022 the Semmelweis University in Budapest (Hungary) hosted the first national Hungarian Trigger Event within the Innovation Day of the university. The Trigger Event was…
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Database of Experts


Science Evaluation Focus Group of Alliance4Life has developed a new shared tool called the Database of Experts to help find suitable candidates for evaluation panels and experts who could serve as…
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A4L_ACTIONS offers space for connecting science and industry


A4L_ACTIONS Thematic Mini-conference with Matchmaking Event organised recently in Slovakia and hosted by the Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (BMC SAS) was aimed at…
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Alliance4Life´s Position on Energy Crisis Impact


The Alliance4Life´s Board discussed in the meeting in Sofia the current energy crisis impact on rising operational costs and the related implications on the sustainability of life science research.…
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RMA Academy Launched by Alliance4Life


With the first courses organized recently in Bulgaria and hosted by the Medical University of Sofia, Alliance4Life has opened its RMA academy focused on training research management professionals.…
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Self-Assessment Report Released


Alliance4Life members have begun their transformation. Progress is already visible. The Alliance4Life published a new comprehensive self-assessment study of the current research and innovation…
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Alliance4Life Open Access to Core Facilities - last chance


  The Alliance4Life member institutions offer access to Core facilities - last chance to participate. Are you a student or a scientist? Do you need free access to Core…
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Reawaking Kambavaim - The Alliance4Life members finally met in person in Estonia


Alliance4Life members finally met in person at the University of Tartu in Estonia. This long-awaited in-person Community Meeting followed a two and half long online collaboration caused by the covid…
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Alliance4Life Community Meeting in Tartu


28 - 30 April 2020, University of Tartu, Estonia  Alliance4Life members will finally meet in person during the upcoming community meeting in Tartu, Estonia. The event will cover…
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Alliance4Life Skills Academy


29 April 2022, University of Tartu and ONLINE! REGISTER HERE!Researchers and research managers need to master a broad portfolio of soft and transferable skills in order to reach their goals…
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Alliance4Life´s position on the aggression against Ukraine


The Alliance4Life, an association of twelve leading life science institutions and universities from eleven EU Member States located in Central and Eastern Europe, addresses the academic and…
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Self-assessment as a Tool for Research and Innovation Improvement


Alliance4Life has completed a big task of self-assessment within the Culture for Excellence work package of the Alliance4Life_ACTIONS project. The purpose of the self-assessment was to understand how…
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Alliance4Life Trigger Event Was a Big Hit


Press release, 31.1.2022On 20th and 21st January 2022 Alliance4Life_ACTIONS hosted its first Trigger Event targeting knowledge transfer professionals and early stage researchers. Due to the current…
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Early Stage Researchers´ Online Retreat Will Take Place in January 2022


SING UP HERE!  PhD students and postdoctoral researchers  from more than eleven European countries have a unique  chance to get together, learn, network, explore interesting…
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Best Practices in Life Science Careers Published


Members of Alliance4Life recently conducted the mapping of best practices in career systems in life sciences research, including the self-assessment of human resources (HR) systems in twelve research…
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A4L_ACTIONS Managerial Meeting Took Place Online


On Monday 18th October 2021 the A4L_ACTIONS meeting was held online with the attendance of the Board, Steering Committee and Focus Group Chairs and Co-chairs.  The management discussed the…
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Commissioner Mariya Gabriel Visited CEITEC


Mariya Gabriel, the EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, visited CEITEC during her official visit to Brno. She appreciated CEITEC´s activities…
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Alliance4Life Was Represented at Horizon Europe Info Days


Alliance4Life´s Coordinator has been invited to present activities and related opportunities offered by Alliance4Life to the health R&I community. The event takes place on 2nd July and will…
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Alliance4Life´s Self-assessment Template Submitted


Only three weeks after the kick-off meeting, Alliance4Life released the first deliverable of its A4L_ACTIONS project, under the leadership of Silvia Pastoreková, Director of Biomedical Center of…
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Video and Presentations from the Kick-off Conference


The recording from the plenary session of A4L_ACTIONS conference is available. Watch speeches of Jiří Nantl, Chair of Alliance4Life, Martina Dlabajová, MEP, Henriette van Eijl, Head of Unit, European…
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The New A4L_ACTIONS Project Just Started


The kick-off conference of the H2020 project A4L_ACTIONS, connecting twelve members from the strategic partnership called Alliance4Life, took place on 25.5.2021. This event opened the continuation of…
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CEITEC Career Model for Core Facilities Presented to Latvian Ministry


Nikola Kostlánová and Kateřina Hošková were invited to present CEITEC career model for Core Facilities staff to the members of the Working Group of the Latvian Ministry of Education of Science. This…
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Kick-off Meeting of A4L_ACTIONS Project Will Take Place in May 2021


25th May 2021 , ZOOM meeting10:00 – 12:00 Plenary Session – OPEN TO PUBLIC13:00 – 16:30 Closed Sessions – FOR MEMBERS ONLYPlease REGISTER by 18th May 2021 at…
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Alliance4Life´s Board Members Interviewed by Science Business


Today an interview with Alliance4Life´s Coordinator Zlatuše Novotná and Deputy Chair Toivo Maimets was published. The interview reflects the Alliance4Life´s policy supporting Widening Participation …
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ADVANCE 5-day Workshop on ATMPs Development


The call for applicants for the ADVANCE course on advanced therapies organized by EATRIS has been opened.The 5-day online course is free of charge and 30 slots are available. Candidates from Widening…
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WIDENING Participation and Strenthening the ERA


Alliance4Life issued a new position paper on specific actions of the Horizon´s WIDENING programme – Teaming, Twinning and ERA chairs.Alliance4Life, in line with its mission to stimulating…
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Alliance4Life Secured Funding for the Next Three Years


Alliance4Life’s new project A4L_ACTIONS, submitted under the Horizon 2020 programme, has been selected for funding. Alliance4Life’s next three years will thus be co-financed with a grant of 2 mil.…
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Alliance4Life was Presented at Crowdhelix RTO Members Event


The Coordinator of Alliance4Life presented the experience of Alliance4Life with the WIDENING actions at the annual Crowdhelix RTO Members Event with KU Leuven which was held over two days on…
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Invitation for A4L_ACTIONS Project


The new project titled Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe submitted to the last Horizon 2020´s call SC1 – Health, demographic change and wellbeing…
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Alliance4Life Submitted Nominations for the ERC Scientific Council


Today, Alliance4Life submitted nominations for the ERC Scientific Council – two outstanding researchers: Pavel Plevka from CEITEC, and Lucyna Wozniak from MUL (Medical University of Lodz). The…
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Alliance4Life Supports Protecting the Budget for Excellent Science Schemes


Alliance4Life strongly supports that in the new EU budget for 2021- 2027, excellent independent science (ERC, MSCA schemes) will not be affected by financial cuts, and that the budget for excellent…
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How Did Alliance4Life´s Research Institutes Dealt with the Pandemic


In March 2020, everything changed. The whole world felt the impact of the coronavirus crisis that surprised us all, including the scientific community. The global situation clearly shows that the top…
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Alliance4Life Recommendations for the Future of the European Research Area


Alliance4Life responded to the European Commission´s initiative and highlighted the following three priorities formulated as recommendations on the new European Research Area (ERA) paradigm with the…
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Associated Partnership of Alliance4Life and EATRIS


20 July 2020Based on their joint interest in translational research in Life Sciences and Medicine, Alliance4Life and EATRIS – European infastructure for translational medicine, held a virtual meeting…
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Alliance4Life and Crowdhelix Network Established Collaboration


15 July 2020Alliance4Life and the Crowdhelix Network have a mutual interest in fostering the participation of Life Science research institutions from Central and Eastern Europe in the Research and…
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Your Voice Matters: Sign the Petition to Secure Funding for the ERC


​Alliance4Life has been listed among the notable supporters of the Friends of the ERC initiative, which, in an open letter, calls upon the EU Presidents, European Commission, Parliament, and…
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Alliance4Life White Paper Released


Alliance4Life just released its White Paper, which assesses the research and innovation gap between Eastern and Western Europe, and lists key recommendations to national and EU policymakers for…
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Fourth Alliance4Life Newsletter Released


The fourth Alliance4Life newsletter was released in December 2019. Read about the recent fifth project meeting in Vilnius (including photos), focus group meetings, trainings, speeches and…
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The Core Facilities Concept: Path Towards Sustainable Research Infrastructure


Partners from institutions of the Alliance4Life (A4L) consortium, from CEITEC MU Brno and FNUSA-ICRC, visited Biomedical Research Center SAS (BMC SAS) on 4 December and 5 December 2019, with the aim…
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National Round Table in Hungary: Science Communication


​Science communication opportunities, challenges, and a practical example, Richter Health City were the topics at the Alliance4Life Round Table organized by the Semmelweis University’s…
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National Round Table in Slovenia: The Future of Biomedical Research


On 6th November 2019, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana organized a round table focused on the current state and future directions of biomedical research in Slovenia. During this…
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The National Round Table in Estonia: Supporting Shift in EU Research Funding


On 2 December 2019, the Alliance4Life working group at the University of Tartu organized a national round table. The presentation of project main ideas and outputs was followed by…
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National Round Table in Slovakia: Science Policy


As a part of the Science and Technology Week in Slovakia, an expert meeting entitled, National Round Table on Science Policy, Together for Improving the Conditions and…
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Round Table Discussion in Croatia: Careers in Biomedical Science - How to Drive…


Co-organized by the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (CASA) and the University of Zagreb School of Medicine Zagreb, 28.11.2019. University of Zagreb School of Medicine, member of…
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The Second National Round Table in Vilnius: Mobility Schemes


On 4 December, Vilnius University held a second round table event, devoted to mobility schemes and their impact on researchers’ career development and skills. Researchers and administrative staff…
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The National Round Table in Lithuania: International Science Programmes


On 26 November, the Research Council of Lithuania organized H2020 Information day, in which, as an example of good practice, project Alliance4Life was presented. The presentation was followed by…
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National Round Table in Poland: Excellence in Research


On November 15, 2019, an expert meeting in the „round table“ formula was held in Łódź as part of the Alliance4Life project. The theme of the meeting was excellence in research and its impact on the…
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CEITEC and CRG Joined Forces to Develop Researchers’ Leadership Skills


On 22nd and 23rd October 2019, a leadership training with the aim of “Strengthening Leadership Competencies in Science” took place at the Medical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana in…
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5th Alliance4Life Community Meeting Took Place in Vilnius


Vilnius University hosted the Alliance4Life community in Vilnius, Lithuania from 2-4 October 2019.The opening plenary, as well as the official signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, took place…
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Alliance4Life Formalizes Its Existence


Today, on 4th October 2019, the founding members of the Alliance4Life gathered at Vilnius University and signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which formalizes the alliance as a…
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New Alliance4Life Podcast Series!


Alliance4Life recently released its new series of podcasts, which were recorded during the 4th project meeting in Jūrmala, Latvia! Listen to interviews with representatives from our 10 life science…
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Third Alliance4Life Newsletter Released


The third Alliance4Life newsletter was released in September 2019. Read about the recent fourth project meeting in Jūrmala (including photos), focus group meetings, trainings, speeches and…
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New Event: Strengthening Leadership Competencies


Alliance4Life and the University of Ljubljana invite you to a training exclusively for scientists in leadership positions and administrative managers from Alliance4life member institutions. The…
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Alliance4Life Joins EU-LIFE Initiative to Support Collaborative Research


Alliance4Life has joined EU-LIFE’s initiative to support collaborative research in European Biomedicine in Horizon Europe.  Read the full EU-LIFE statement press release bellow. EU…
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Alliance4Life Article on Knowledge & Technology Published on IP Helpdesk


Smiljka Vikić-Topić from the School of Medicine of the University of Zagreb contributed to the European IP Helpdesk Bulletin with an article reporting about the aims and achievements of Alliance4Life…
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4th Alliance4Life Community Meeting Took Place in Latvia


The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) hosted the Alliance4Life community in Jūrmala, Latvia from 10-12th June 2019.The beautiful venue was surrounded by a forest on the coast of the…
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Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis Round Table Discussed Better Science in…


Alliance4Life member, Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, recently organized a round table discussion on the topic of Better Science in Latvia. The aim of the event was to present the…
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How Do We Improve the State of Czech Science? The Alliance4Life National Round…


More than 50 participants attended the National Round Table organised by the Alliance4Life European initiative to discuss the possibilities for improving conditions of Czech science at the…
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Alliance4Life Benchmarking Presented at the IMR 2019 Conference in Brno, Czech…


Alliance4Life’s experience with international benchmarking as an analytical tool for the quality assessment of research institutions was presented as a good practice at the Institutional Management…
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Two Key Deliverables Were Released


Two key deliverables resulting from the first year of Alliance4Life work were released: Assessment Report, and Inventory of Best Practice. Key findings show that it is necessary to create a…
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Global Science: Forming an Alliance4Life


Jiří Nantl, Director at Alliance4Life member institute, CEITEC MU, was recently interviewed by eLife about the Life Sciences career path, and the Alliance’s inspirations, highlights, and challenges.…
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Second Alliance4Life Newsletter Released


The second Alliance4Life newsletter was released in January 2019. Read about the recent third project meeting in Zagreb (including photos), benchmarking, best practices in health research and…
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The 3rd Alliance4Life meeting in Zagreb


The 3rd meeting of Alliance4Life was hosted by the University of Zagreb, School of Medicine in Croatia on 3-5 December. The three days covered a full agenda with focus group discussions…
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University of Zagreb Roundtable Discussion Held


Alliance4Life member, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, recently co-organized a round table discussion with the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (CASA) on the topic of Biomedical Research…
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Alliance4Life Has a New Twitter Account!


Alliance4Life has a new Twitter account! Follow us at
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Travel Grants Now Available


The call for travel grants to Alliance4Life partner events is now open. All researchers employed by Alliance4Life partners are eligible. Please click HERE for more information about the application…
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Zagreb Meeting 3-5 December 2018


The next Alliance4Life meeting for members will take place in Zagreb, Croatia from 3-5 December 2018. The priorities in this meeting will include taking part in workshops/lectures and identifying…
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New Statement by Alliance4Life


The official statement on the European Commission proposal for Horizon Europe was released by Alliance4Life. The position expresses opinions mainly on Sharing Excellence, Open Science, health…
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Alliance4Life Benchmarking


Alliance4Life members are currently gathering benchmarking data from member institutes for comparison of key performance indicators across areas of research excellence, knowledge transfer, funding,…
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Meeting in Smolenice 2018


The meeting in beautiful Smolenice castle on June 18– 20, overlooking the breath-taking Slovakian landscape, marked the 6-month anniversary of Alliance4Life community and it is clear that…
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Participation in the Bulgarian Presidency Flagship Conference on Research…


The Alliance4Life Coordinator Dr. Zlatuše Novotná took part in the panel session “Excellence Innovators” of the conference Research Infrastructures beyond 2020 held in Sofia on 22-23 March 2018. The…
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Message from Alliance4Life


Several members of the Alliance4Life consortium presented goals and mission of this new initiative during a conference held in Brussels on 30 January 2018. The strategy representing the main outcomes…
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Kick-off Meeting


The kick-off meeting of Alliance4Life took place on 15 - 17 January 2018 in Brno, Czech Republic. Almost 100 participants including several representatives of the European Commission arrived to Brno…
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