White Paper on Closing the Innovation Divide

Alliance4Life, in line with its mission to help closing the divide in European health research and innovation (R&I), provides a new picture on the R&I gap in Europe by using the comparison of GERD (gross domestic expenditure on research and development) and top 10% publications (Tier 10). The selection of these two indicators gives more visibility to the fact that the origin of innovation lies in excellent science.   

Alliance4Life considers the following three factors as the key for speeding up the process of closing the R&I divide in Europe:

  • Critical level of financing
  • Good governance
  • Cultural factors

Based on the national roundtables with research policymakers organized in all Alliance4Life´s countries of Central and Eastern Europe, recommendations for the improvement in the following six areas are being suggested to the national and EU policymakers:

  • Concertation of research capacities and support of research excellence
  • Effective management and financing of Research Infrastructures
  • Modern Human Resource management and career system
  • Up-to-date governance of research institutions
  • National financing structure and grant system supporting excellence
  • Development and recognition of professional research administration