Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. Fostering innovation culture:

The working group members are aware that technology transfer is a rather new concept at their institutes, and therefore not fully expoited. The researchers are not motivated to engage in TT; some institutes do not prioritize technology transfer within their strategies, and it is often not a part of the evaluation. The working group would like to jointly define strategies and concrete methods that would result in innovation culture.

  • Strategy – some institutes recently adopted technology transfer strategies, and some are considering it. We would like to jointly monitor the progress and challenges, and adopt lessons learnt;
  • Evaluation – including technology transfer metrics into the evaluation of scientists;
  • Support – what specific support can be provided to the scientist to increase his/her engagement in technology transfer; and
  • Motivation – how to motivate scientists to share their early stage inventions with the technology transfer staff and to be open to research collaboration.

2. Processes:

Various institutes are using different approaches towards the technology transfer process. These are often not effective and not transparent as perceived by the scientists involved in the working group.

  • Transparency – how to increase the transparency of the technology transfer process; and
  • Efficiency – how to increase the efficiency of the process.

3. Training opportunities:

Identifying the needs for specific training, e.g., scouting practices, motivating researchers, and learning by example (spending short periods in established TTOs), or engaging recognized TT practitioners for one-day workshops.

  • Trainings by technology transfer experts; and
  • Trainings by working groups members.

4. Information sharing:

Establishing a shared space (Google drive) and regularly uploading potentially useful information related to technology transfer.

  • Events;
  • Funding opportunities; and
  • Best practices.

Focus Group Members 

Focus Group Chair: 

Dace Kārkle

Focus Group Co-chair: 

Kateřina Ornerová

Members of the Focus Group: ​

Daniela Tršová
Ivana Sekaninová
Martin Šauer
Dávid Melichar
Agnieszka Rzeźnik
Dinko Mitrečić
Lucija Rogina
Kristel Reim
Kristina Babelytė-Labanauskė

Kristīne Čapase-Jastržembska
Maija Dambrova
Alan Kacin
Matej Podbregar
Vilmos Tóth Kardos 
László Kun
Georgi Gensuzov
Mario Kirilov
Marin Mladenov
Valentina Anuta 
Mihaela Ghica
Cristina Petcu

Stefan Busnatu