Human Resources and Mobility

HR specialists and external HR experts will jointly work on improvement of HR policies including career development, open recruitment and talent management in health research & innovation field. They will identify barriers and peculiarities of implementation of Charter & Code for Researchers and Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) and of adoption of policies connected with the logo of HR Excellence in Research. Work-life balance and challenging sex/gender issues in research and health care sectors, obstacles and peculiarities of researchers´ mobility in participating institutions from point of view of both foreign incoming researchers and national reintegrated researchers, career pathways in health research & innovation, attracting talents and preventing brain drain are some of the important topics discussed within this Focus Group.

Main areas of interest and priorities of the Focus Group

1. HR Logo implementation

2. Career development/system and career track

3. Mobility and internships

4. Strengthening of group leaders as managers

5. Recruitment: increase of both quantity and quality of applicants

6. Internationalization, and recruitment of people from abroad

7. Welcome services and integration support

8. Diversity, equal opportunities, and women in science

9. Culture in science, and culture of the institute as HR tool

Focus Group Members

Focus Group Chair: 

Eliška Handlířová

Focus Group Co-chair: 


Members of the Focus Group:

Kateřina Ornerová
Andrea Dvořáková
Martina Pokorná
Ivana Sekaninová
Milan Košdy

Silvia Vašulková
Hana Lazecká
Marián Grman 
Terézia Valkovičová

Agnieszka Komorowska-Michałek
Agata Wiśniewska
Nada Čikeš
Marina Radmilović
Goran Šimić
Ino Kermc
Kristi Kuningas

Anzelma Ūselienė
Osvaldas Rukšėnas
Jánis Veliks
Jerneja Čelofiga
Gyula Szigeti
László Kun
Simeon Manolov
Simona Stefanopulos
Mihaela Calin
Cristina Petcu