Focus Groups

The Alliance4Life project is organized in seven domains of expertise which were identified as key knowledge areas to be improved in order to achieve progress and contribute to closing health research & innovation divide in the EU. 

For each of these seven domains, one Focus Group has been composed from the consortium members and invited experts from high-performing research institutions. 

Focus Groups serve as an interactive platform of the Alliance4Life for sharing best practice, suggesting recommendations, strategies and actions as well as for developing training modules and evaluation methods. The concept of FGs provides a stimulating environment by gathering expertise of members.

​Following Focus Groups have been established: 

Science Evaluation (FG1)

Research Ethics & Integrity (FG2)

Human Resources & Mobility (FG3)

Grants and Research Funding (FG4)

Core Facilities and Big Data (FG5)

Knowledge and Technology Transfer (FG6)

Science Communication (FG7)