Work Packages

Alliance4Life´s action plan until 2024 is framed within seven work packages (WPs) of the A4L_ACTIONS project. 

Five WPs are dedicated to core activities and two of them to supporting activities (project management, ethics requirements). The executive management of the work plan includes the Coordinator, Project Manager and WP leaders. The implementation will be operationally driven by Focus Groups (FGs), which encompass experts in selected areas working in Alliance4Life´s member institutions. These seven work packages and their graphically represented interconnections are as follows:

WP1 – Culture for Excellence
WP2 – Collaboration in Health Research & Innovation
WP3 – Careers in Science and Beyond
WP4 – Competences for Innovation for Human Health
WP5 – Closing the Gap
WP6 – Project Management
WP7 – Ethics Requirements